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  • Welcome to Chapel Park Community Centre

    Chapel Park Community Centre offers a variety of services to support people in the local community.

    We hope to welcome you back to the Centre on Tuesday, 22nd September, on a part time basis.

    We have had to make some changes to provide a safe environment and ask that you read the following before you pay us a visit.


    To enable us to re-open we have conducted a risk assessment and have introduced a number of measures to reduce the risk of catching or spreading Covid-19.

    We are aware that there are people with different opinions on the level of risk and the need for rules but ask you to be considerate of our need to introduce the following instructions

    1. Please do not come into the Centre if you have any symptoms which might be Covid related, such as a raised temperature, cold symptoms including a persistent cough, and any loss of taste or smell.
    2. Please bring in a mask, as Government guidance requires that they are worn at all times in Community Centres, unless you are medically exempt - in which case please let Joanna, the Centre Manager, know when you arrive.
    3. On arrival please respect social distancing rules, which might involve queuing outside for a short time if necessary and staying 2 metres apart from others when inside.
    4. Please use the sanitiser in the reception area on arrival.
    5. When coming in to use the IT Café you will need to confirm your name and contact number before logging onto one of the labelled PCs.
    6. Only one person can use the toilet at any one time and we have introduced an 'in use' notice system. Clear information is displayed at the Centre.
    7. Whilst classes are taking place, anyone using the IT Café area must use the church toilet upstairs. Please come into the office when you need the key.
    8. For now we won't be providing refreshments at the Centre.
    9. We have a commitment to cleaning between uses and our Cleaning and Hygiene Policy is displayed at the Centre.
    10. When attending classes, we have introduced a one-way system when arriving and leaving to avoid pinch points at doorways and have floor markings and guidelines for you to follow. Joanna, the Centre Manager, will forward the Attending Classes at CPCC to all attendees prior to any classes starting.
    11. If you test positive after visiting the Centre please notify us straight away, so we can contact everyone we need to and can take all necessary safety measures
    We will review our Visitors Policy regularly and will make changes in line with any Government advice.

    We are sorry about the prescriptive nature of these instructions but hope you understand. Stay well

    If you have any queries or are unsure of any of the above measures please get in touch by phone or email.

    We were able to run a total of 22 Adult Education Courses at the Centre between September 2019 to July 2020. This included:

    IGCSE English Language
    Creative Writing
    Functional Skills English
    Sewing Techniques
    Face Therapy
    Mindfulness and Meditation
    Pilates and Zumba

    We are currently raising funds to provide further courses for this academic year and will post information on the Website soon.

    Chapel Park Community Centre is situated on the right hand side of St Leonards Baptist Church, on Chapel Park Road, in the heart of Gensing & Central St Leonards. Please view our 'What's On' page to see what we are currently offering at the Centre.


    New Courses
    We are hoping to offer the following three courses at the Centre this month. We have conducted a risk assessment and will be introducing a number of measures to protect against Coronavirus. Joanna, the manager, will forward guidelines and instructions to all attendees before each course begins.

    Art (22nd September) IGCSE (23rd September) Pilates (23rd September)
    Why not visit our Gallery of photos showing work done and courses this year? Click here to view
    If you want to see what courses we have planned or running at present, please check the 'Courses' page for more details, or contact us at the Centre (see the Contact page for details)
    Children's Youth Clubs
    Youth Clubs are closed until further Notice
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    Chapel Park Community Centre is a Registered charity. Registered number 1126095