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Timetable for December 2021

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Date Opening Times Main Hall Online
Wed 1st9:30am - 3.30pm11.15am - 12.15pmPilates (Daytime)11am - 1pmCreative Writing
5.45pm - 6.45pmPilates (Evening)
Thurs 2nd9:30am - 3.30pm10am - 12pmESOL - English
Fri 3rdCLOSED10:30am - 12:30pmZumba
Sat 4thCLOSED8am - 9amStretch and Shine
Mon 6th9:30am - 3.30pm10:30am - 1:30pmChristmas Gift Making
Tues 7th9:30am - 3.30pm12.30pm - 3.30pmArt
Wed 8th9:30am - 3.30pm11.15am - 12.15pmPilates (Daytime) 11am - 1pmCreative Writing
5.45pm - 6.45pmPilates (Evening)
Thurs 9th9:30am - 3.30pm10am - 12pmESOL - English
Fri 10thCLOSED10:30am - 12:30pmZumba
Sat 11thCLOSED8am - 9amStretch and Shine
Sun 12thCLOSED
Mon 13th9:30am - 3.30pm
Tues 14th9:30am - 3.30pm12.30pm - 3.30pmArt
Wed 15th9:30am - 3.30pm11.15am - 12.15pmPilates (Daytime)
5.45pm - 6.45pmPilates (Evening)
Thurs 16th9:30am - 3.30pm10am - 12pmESOL - English
Fri 17thCLOSED10:30am - 12:30pmZumba
Sat 18thCLOSED8am - 9amStretch and Shine
Sun 19thCLOSED
Mon 20thCLOSED
Tues 21stCLOSED
Wed 22ndCLOSED
Thurs 23rdCLOSED
Fri 24thCLOSED
Sat 25thCLOSED
Sun 26thCLOSED
Mon 27thCLOSED
Tues 28thCLOSED
Wed 29thCLOSED
Thurs 30thCLOSED
Fri 31stCLOSED
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